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Light lines is an art project with the objective of showcasing humans interacting with wild nature in a new and unique way. The project will showcase iconic Norwegian mountains through fine-art landscape photographs. By combining action sports and landscape photography, the project offers a playful twist to classical nature stills. By equipping skiers with headlamps and using a long exposure technique, the at-dusk scenery of the descents creates the base of this project.

The dreamy backdrop of some of Norway's most famous mountains is inviting, but the light lines are a reminder of the power and impact we, as humans, have on these landscapes.  We hope to invite the viewer to reflect on the traces that we leave behind us.

Within a Split Second


Within a split second, we can change the landscapes. All it takes is a political decision to develop into untouched nature, and irreversible damage is done. The value of wild nature by itself is often trumped by economic interest. This project will engage our audience in this critical issue and provide them with a call to action in order to put the nature crisis further up the Norwegian political agenda. 

The Mountains

Norway has some of the most beautiful mountains on this planet, making picking the lines for this project challenging. We have landed on a list with a mix of ambitious lines that needs good conditions and stable snow and more manageable lines that can be ridden in most conditions. The peaks have in common that they are powerful and iconic.

The pictures can be bought in three sizes from a limited edition fine art series. The fine art pieces are mounted on an ibond plate with glass lamination film to be hung frameless on your wall. Click on the photos for editions and prices.

The profit from the print sales will finance the completion of the project and our work to put the value of preserving nature higher up the political agenda.

Buy a print

The Backstory

Vegard's ultimate goal in his photography is to use his photos to engage people to take part in the conservation of nature. Through nature and wildlife photography, he has realised how much of an impact a powerful image can have on people, but powerful photos do not come easily today. It takes a lot to capture people's attention in our society, which is overloaded with information. How can one take unique pictures to catch people's attention and inspire them to make a difference?

After developing the idea of ​​"Light Lines" for several years, Vegard and the rest of the team started the project in the spring of 2022. By then, the idea had grown from being a single picture in easy terrain to becoming a film and photo project aiming to capture unique images of iconic Norwegian mountains spread across the length of the country. Photos of “Light Lines” have been done in the past, but no one has ever done it on this scale and on big mountains like these.

We hope that the project will have a significant impact on the Norwegian outdoor community. By scaling up the project, we want to build a platform and use it to engage people in the fight to protect Norwegian nature from development. We will do this through lectures, the film and engagement on social media. The "Light Lines" photos symbolise the human impact on nature, and the platform will give people a concrete call to action that will enable us to fight together to preserve what we have left of our vulnerable nature.

The backstory

The Call to Action

The “Light Lines” photos symbolize human impact on nature.


Within a split second, we can change these wild landscapes that have stood the same for millennia. All it takes is a political decision to develop into untouched nature, and irreversible damage is done. Our wilderness areas are disappearing faster than ever before. Last year, a study found that since 2014, 22 429 applications to build out into protected areas were sent to the Norwegian authorities. Of these applications, 21 102 were given the green light. That is 9 out of 10. Across the whole of Norway we are building cabins, ski resorts, gondolas, mines, wind turbines and roads. With this project we want to attempt to use the engagement in the Light Line photos to put the value of protecting nature higher up the political agenda in Norway.

We have chosen to focus our call to action on two issues throughout the project:


1: The building of the new E6 through the Lågendelta nature reserve. For more info - click here


2: The building of a gondola to Jostedalsbreen national park. For more info - click here


Signing a petition is a small effort that can make a big difference. Link to the petitions are listed in the buttons below.


The Photographer

Vegard Aasen is a Norwegian photographer and filmmaker specialising in wildlife and adventure sports. ​​He plans every image to the smallest detail, whether to put his subjects in mighty landscapes or tell a deeper story. When he works with wildlife, he spends much time getting to know the animals, whether at the species or individual level.

Vegard's hard work and skillset have not gone unnoticed. He has been awarded numerous times for his photos, including in prestigious competitions such as Red Bull Illume and Siena International Photo Awards. In 2020 he was crowned Norwegian Nature Photographer of the Year. 

Vegard's ultimate goal is to raise awareness and engagement for vulnerable nature through his photos. Through the Light Lines project, he hopes to create a body of work that can make a difference. 

Vegard is behind the lens in the project, but this is a team effort. This would never have happened without a team of skilled and dedicated skiers and filmmakers sharing the same values. 


We are proud to work together with brands that share our values. Thank you for helping us realize this project!

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