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22.04.25_WIX Light Line 1_Store Ringstind_Vegard Aasen (79)_1.JPG

Store Ringstind

Jotunheimen, April 2022

Print mounted on an ibond plate with glass lamination film:

90 x 54 cm / Edition of 3 / SOLD OUT
150 x 90 cm / Edition of 3 / SOLD OUT
200 x 120 cm / Edition of 1 / kr 55500,-

​The first line, the first photo, the first real test. The snow conditions were as bad as they could get. The old ski tracks had completely frozen over, turning the descent into a mogul field.

"This looks absolutely fucking terrible" was the last message that was heard on the radio before the first rider dropped in and skied down Store Ringstind. Vegard, who was standing on Store Dyrhaugstind on the opposite side of the valley, started the exposure on the camera. The sound of the metal edge on the ice broke the silence of the night, and the headlamp illuminated the rugged peaks of Hurrungane. 

After a few intense minutes of waiting for the rider to get down, Vegard stopped the exposure. The first photo was done. 




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