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23.04.12_Light Line 8_Vassdalstind.JPG

Light Line 8: Vassdalstind

Sunnmøre, April 2023

90 x 54 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 17500,-

150 x 90 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 33500,-

200 x 120 cm / Edition of 1 / kr 55500,-

In February, we went to Sunnmøre to photograph Vassdalstind. An amazing mountain that I have been drawn to since the first time I saw it years ago. After some research, I decided that the best angle for the photo would be to stand at Grøtdalstind, more than 10 km away. 

Due to low clouds, we had to call it two nights in a row after hours of waiting. The long distance between the peaks allowed many layers of clouds to block our view. When it cleared up at Vassdalstind, it was snowing at Grøtdalstind. After four days at Sunnmøre, we had to return empty-handed. 

March and the first part of April went fast, and I thought this was the first mountain we would fail to photograph. In the middle of April, Astrid Paulsson sent us a message telling us the forecast at Sunnmøre looked good. We decided to give it another go. 

Skiing east-facing lines at night in mid-April can be difficult. The sun heats the snow during the day, and it freezes when the sun goes down. How icy would it be?

At the top of Grøtdalstind, I turned on my radio, which did not work. I tried Calum on the phone, but he was out of reception. Some minutes later, Calum called me, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "The snow is not too bad!" Calum said, which is what he says when the snow is absolutely terrible. 


I'm not too fond of clouds when photographing for the Light Lines project, but the clouds we got this evening were literally a gift from above. Instead of shooting against the bright afterglow to the west, we now got a soft light on the mountains with beautiful pink clouds in the backdrop. Calum and Astrid got down in one piece on the "not too bad" snow, and Light Line 8 was done!






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