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Store Austanbottstind

Jotunheimen, February 2023


Print mounted on an ibond plate with glass lamination film:

90 x 54 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 17500,-
150 x 90 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 33500,-
200 x 120 cm / S

We decided to do this line as early in the winter as possible. Both to avoid competing with half of Norway for the first tracks down the couloir and because the mountain looks amazing in winter when the snow sticks to the vertical walls making everything white.

Visiting these mountains at night in winter can be pretty serious. The hike is long, the weather can be harsh, and it is cold. The chance of good snow in the couloir is minimal. I do feel the responsibility when I ask people to ski steep lines like this one in the dark with "shitfuck conditions".

On the 27th of February, the wind calmed down, and the weather forecast looked good. Calum, Jacob, Martin and Lars went to Austabottstind. Terje joined them as cameraman to document their experience - a team with some of the most capable skiers out there. If this crew could not handle the conditions in the couloir, no one could. 

The conditions in the couloir were as expected, and the wind was strong. Over at Soleibotntind, where Adam and I waited for the crew to get to the top, the weather was lovely, and the sunset showed off its insane colours. Half an hour after the sunset, we could see some dancing formations in the sky. It was the northern lights! What are the odds of being on top of a mountain in Hurrungane the one day the northern lights show up this far south? It got darker, and we got a light show, unlike anything I have seen this far south.

At 7 pm, it was dark enough, so I told the crew to get ready. Calum dropped in first. The headlamp lit up the massive rock walls surrounding the couloir. We could hear the sound of steel edges against ice over at the top of Soleibotntind. Half an hour later, with everyone safely down, Light Line four was done.






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