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23.02.14_WIX_light line 3_slogen.JPG


Sunnmøre, February 2023


Print mounted on an ibond plate with glass lamination film:

90 x 54 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 17500,-
150 x 90 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 33500,-
200 x 120 cm / Edition of 1 / kr 55

We finally got a weather window with stable snow conditions and drove from Sogndal early in the morning with a long day ahead of us. A day trip from Sogndal to Slogen is not something you do every day, with 7 hours of driving and 20 km touring with 1500 vertical metres.

The snow was rock solid, making the approach straightforward and fast. After a bit of waiting, the sun set, and the sky started to glow orange, pink and red - one of the most colourful sunsets I have seen. 1,5 hours after sunset, Njål Sund dropped in first, and we got the first Light Line photo this winter, taking a solid amount of weight off my shoulders! Three done, seven to go.






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