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Light Line 6: Okshornan

Senja, March 2023

90 x 60 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 17500,-

150 x 100 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 33500,-

180 x 120 cm / Edition of 1 / kr 55500,-

After a successful trip to Hamperokken, we decided to go to Senja. The snow conditions looked good, and we had two lines we wanted to photograph. The first was a couloir on Okshornan, or "The Devil's Teeth", as it is often referred to. It is one of the most photographed mountains in Norway and a hot spot for tourists. Terje and I were not surprised when we met by thirty other photographers at Tungeneset, where we planned to take the photo from.   

On the other side of the fjord, Calum and Adam were alone on the hike to Okshornan. Not that surprising when the 8km approach by the shoreline was peppered with huge boulders that took ages to move through. Okshornan is often photographed but, for a good reason, rarely skied.

After 4 hours, they were finally on their way up the couloir. Terje and I walked around telling the other photographers not to call the police, as we suddenly realized that two headlamps out there on a steep mountain in the ocean could concern some people. When it was dark enough for us to take the picture, there was only a group of four German photographers left at Tungeneset. They asked me politely if they also could take a photo when Calum and Adam skied the line. So after giving them a quick tutorial in light line photography and showing them my camera settings, we were ready for Calum to drop in first. 

Calum dodged the rocks in the couloir and made it to the bottom in one piece. Light Line 6 was done, and this time we had five different angles of it! The German photographers were thrilled, and so were we!






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