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Light Line 10 Hurrungane.jpg

Light Line 10: Hurrungane

Jotunheimen, May 2023

90 x 54 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 17500,-

150 x 90 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 33500,-

200 x 120 cm / Edition of 1 / kr 55500,-

Hurrungane - the wildest and most alpine mountain range in Norway and our home mountains. We took the first Light Line photo here, and since the start of the project, we have had this photo, the "grand finale", in the back of our minds. 

I had given up on taking the picture because the chances of all the variables lining up were too small. But when the 4th of May arrived, everything looked perfect. The snow was good, the weather was terrific, and it was a full moon which we needed to cast light on the shadow sides of the mountains. 

We wanted to do four lines, but sadly, the snow conditions turned out to be too sketchy at the line on Stølsmaradalstind. "We have to turn around here, Vegard", it crackled from Aasmund Karlsnes and Kjetil Russenes on the radio. 

To take the picture, Adam Gairns and I had to climb to the summit of Gjertvasstind, one of the most distant summits in Hurrungane. First, we had to get through a hanging glacier full of crevasses. Luckily Vetle Dirdal and Alistair Street joined us to ski the line from Styggedalstind, and they managed to get us safely through the glacier without accidents. After the crevasse-maze, we had to climb a steep flank with an icy section where my crampons really had to work to get a grip. Going up was okay, but we had to ski down the same way. I decided to focus on getting the picture first. 

After five hours, we reached the summit and revealed one of the most impressive views in Norway. From Gjertvasstind you can see the entire Hurrungane mountain range, which was why we now stood there ready to shoot the finale in the Light Lines Project. Kari Hole and Karoline Myklebust were in position on Ringstind, Karl-Kristian Muggerud and Njål Sund on Soleibotntind and Vetle and Alistair on Styggedalstind. Aasmund and Kjetil had a great time drinking hot chocolate down in the valley and singing the birthday song for Aasmunds 30th birthday. What a way to celebrate!

It got darker, and the full moon lit Hurrungane from one side while the afterglow lit up the other. The headlamps were shining on three different peaks. It was perfect. I counted down from ten and started the exposure. 






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