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Tromsø, March 2023


Print mounted on an ibond plate with glass lamination film:

90 x 54 cm / Edition of 3 / kr 17500,-
150 x 90 cm / Edition of 3
/ kr 33500,-
200 x 120 cm / Edition of 1
/ kr 55500,-

When we decided to go to Northern Norway, we started by choosing which area to go to and quickly landed on Tromsø. From Tromsø, we could plan after the weather and snow conditions and could either go to Lyngen, further north to Kvænangen, or west to Senja.

We hit the jackpot and got perfect weather on the first day. We had two options: go straight for a big line on Nallangaisi in Lyngen or do the "safer" option on Hamperokken. After some discussion, we agreed on Hamperokken. We were already running late, and there was potentially snow loading into the line on Nallangaisi due to wind.

Hamperokken is probably the most well-known mountain around Tromsø, as you can see it from almost every summit in the area. It is also one of the coolest-looking mountains I have seen.

After repacking in a hurry at the Airbnb in total chaos (the photo in the carousel was taken 10 minutes before departure), Lisen, Calum, Adam and Terje started the hike to Hamperokken. I had a shorter walk to Fagerfjellet and waited an hour before leaving. When I got close to the top, I found out I had forgotten the remote control for the camera, and had to go back down to get it. Down at the Airbnb, I rushed in, grabbed my remote controller, and closed the door, which had a self-locking system with a code. Luckily I wrote the code down on my mobile. Sadly my mobile was inside the house. I did not have time to find a solution and hurried back towards Fagrefjellet. I had to rely on the radio as the only way to communicate with the others, but in the chaos earlier, we also forgot to charge the radio. I hoped there was enough battery.

I got back up on the ridge where I had radio contact with the others. I called up Calum on the radio, and he said the snow was good for the first time in this project! Then there was radio silence. I accidentally put the radio on the wrong channel when I got ready to take the photo, and Calum was freaking out, standing ready to drop on the summit of Hamperokken. After going through every channel on the radio, he finally reached me at the last one. He told me I was a stupid idiot, then he and Lisen dropped in and skied the line perfectly.






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