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About Vegard

Vegard Aasen is a Norwegian photographer and filmmaker specialising in wildlife and adventure sports. 

As a teenager, Vegard fell in love with skiing and climbing and has spent countless hours in the mountains. He is used to working in rugged terrain and rough conditions, environments that provide unique opportunities for great photos.

He plans every image to the smallest detail, whether to put his subjects in mighty landscapes or tell a deeper story. When he works with wildlife, he spends much time getting to know the animals, whether at the species or individual level.

Knowing his wild subjects allows him to connect emotionally with them and capture their personality and soul through the photos.

Vegard's hard work and skillset have not gone unnoticed. He has been awarded numerous times for his photos, including in prestigious competitions such as Red Bull Illume and Siena International Photo Awards. In 2020 he was crowned Norwegian Nature Photographer of the Year. 

However, through his photos, Vegard's ultimate goal is to raise awareness and engagement for vulnerable nature.

Photo: Adam Gairns
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